Are you a young person living in Detroit? Do you come from a low income family and require assistance in terms of education and training?  

Talk to us and see if you qualify for the Young Detroit Builders Program. We offer an intensive education and training program for young adults who come from poor families, lack financial resources, are combating illiteracy, homelessness, among others. We strive to help you transform your life in order to become a productive citizen of the community. 

This is because we believe in you. We know that with the right training and resources, you will be able to change the course of your life and improve not just yourself but your family.  

Here at Young Detroit Builders, you can take advantage of the following:  


Literacy classes 

We offer educational opportunities for you to combat illiteracy. We have classes in mathematics, language, reading, social studies, among others. These classes are offered in day and night schedules so that you can take advantage of them while undergoing our work programs and other training activities. Our literacy classes are also accredited and will enable you to prepare for post-secondary education.  


Intensive training course 

We know how important it is for you to be prepared for life. This is why the Young Detroit Builders offers a 10-month intensive training course on construction of houses, office, buildings and even contemporary garage doors in Glendale. Our program is certified by the National Center for Construction Education and Research and the National Homebuilders Institute. As such, most of our graduates are sought after by employers after they graduate.  


Job Assistance Program 

Our training program includes a job assistance placement. Our graduates are not only sought after, they are placed with partner companies who pass our rigorous screenings and will offer decent and well-paying jobs. Our graduates are guaranteed to have 100 percent job placement within six months after graduation from our intensive training.  


Support Services 

Aside from training and job placement, we also have support programs that our trainees can take advantage of. These include additional trainings, counseling services, housing and health services. Our trainees will even receive an adequate stipend all throughout their program for food allowance and miscellaneous needs. We want to make sure that our trainees do not worry for their basic needs and simply concentrate on excelling in the training that they receive.  

If you wish to take part in the training program that we offer, simply click our Contact Us tab and send us an email. After which, we will be asking you to fill up a form and submit documents for our evaluation. You will also be required to undergo a battery of interviews and exams for us to assess your readiness for the program.  

Know that placement in our program is very competitive because of the benefits that all of our trainees receive. We do our best to always source out additional funding in order to continuously expand the program and provide additional slots to those who are most qualified.